On Friday evening April 8th, 2011 in the resplendent setting of the Palazzo della Ragione in the Cortile Mercato Vecchio in the heart of Verona an elegantly attired crowd of Italy's elite winemakers and media gathered for one of Italy's most important wine events.
"Founder & CEO, EnjoyGourmet Digital & Print Media" John H. Isacs acknowledged the award was for the EnjoyGourmet staff and team of wine writers as well as a significant recognition of the importance of the China market (Taiwan market)"
The Florentine silver grapevine leaf trophy awarded for the "Best International Wine Guide 2011" by "Premio Comitato Grandi Cru d'Italia 2011" for "EnjoyGourmet's ISACS Wine Guide".
Savoring Italy's greatest wines with artistic dishes created by renowned Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Indian chefs, the august collection of wine celebrities, princesses, barons and other nobility gathered along with renowned wine media people from around the world to celebrate the best of Italian and international wine media and trade. In total, nine awards were presented during the evening including Best Italian Journalist, Best International Journalist, Best Retailer and others. The final media award for the evening was one of the most important, "The Best International Wine Guide 2011" and EnjoyGourmet's ISACS Wine Guide was the winner. This is the first time a wine guide in Asia has been presented with this prestigious award.

In his acceptance speech, John H. Isacs, CEO of EnjoyGourmet, "It's a great honor to receive this globally prestigious award, and I convey the sincere appreciation of everyone at EnjoyGourmet and our team of excellent writers to the Grandi Cru d'Italia Committee. I also take great pride in the belief that this award is a significant acknowledgement of the importance of the China market (Taiwan market)"

 "Founder & CEO, EnjoyGourmet Digital & Print Media" John H. Isacs at Premio Comitato Grandi Cru d'Italia 2011 Gala Ball on April 8th, accepting the "Best International Wine Guide 2011" award. The Grandi Cru d'Italia Awards Black Tie Gala Ball comprises 400 Italian and international journalists and representatives and members of the Grandi Cru d'Italia Committee who represent Italy's top 120 wine producers.
"Founder & CEO, EnjoyGourmet Digital & Print Media" John H. Isacs (right) visited his long-time friend,  ambassador to Vatican, WANG,YU-YUAN(王豫元)(left) a few days prior to the awarding ceremony.