The west has notable wine guides like Wine Spectator and Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate and now in Asia we have the “ISACS Guides”. John Isacs and esteemed regional advisors and the ISACS Grapevine Community selected 100 great wines from thousands of wines that were all tasted in China. Based on differences in climate, shipping and storage, wines tasted in China may well be different than those tasted in the west. This makes ISACS Guides more reliable than guides that doing tasting in other countries. Professional and impartial reviews are provided in the categories of Moderate Price Wines, Medium Price Wines, Expensive Wines, Collector Wines, etc., with a view to meet the needs of beginners to wine masters alike. ISACS Guides accepts no advertisement from wine importers or producers and all the wines in the guide book are selected by merit alone. Furthermore, ISACS Guides was awarded the “Best International Wine Guide 2011” by one of Europe’s most important and prestigious wine associations ~ Comitato Grandi Crud’ Italia (Vinitaly), making ISACS Guide the first award winning wine guide from China, and the only award winning wine guide from Asia for 2011. 
Fluent in Chinese, the author John Isacs comes from a well-known western gourmet family and has been exposed to the culture of cuisine and wine for over 40 years. In addition to having various certificates in wine knowledge and appreciation, John provides integrated marketing and event services to many wine regions, chamber of commerces, and trade offices including EUCCC, New Zealand Trade office, Italian Trade Office, and numerous others. Furthermore, John plans and conducts high-level VIP wine dinners and wine classes for many companies, including Air China, Cathay Pacific Airline, Société Générale, Diageo, Sony Ericsson, etc. Aside from authoring “ISACS Guides”, John is also a wine columnist in various media, including Shanghai Daily, Z-mag, and Money Journal.